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In Conversation with Adrian Lovett - The Power of the World Wide Web

Season 3 : Episode 14

Special Edition. The Power of the World Wide Web

The WEB is 32 years old today and on this occasion of global celebration, Lady Mariéme Jamme is joined by Adrian Lovett, CEO of the World Wide Web Foundation, to discuss how we can continue to move the internet in a positive direction. The aim of the World Wide Web Foundation is to build inclusion and get everyone connected to the internet, and Adrian talks about changing people’s mindsets in order to help achieve this goal.

When the web was invited in 1989, Lady Mariéme was 15 years old. She recalls learning how to read and write thanks to the Web.

Adrian is enthusiastic for governments, companies and internet users to all act by signing this contract, www.contractfortheweb.org, so that together we can make the web a safe, inclusive and empowering place for all.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this conversation are Adrian’s personal opinion.

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