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Join Podcast host Lady Mariéme Jamme and her guests as they share their stories of courage, resilience and integrity.

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iamtheCODE Podcast Season 5 - Discovering Your Purpose
Season 5

Discovering Your Purpose 

Welcome to our 5th season of the podcast, an intentionally themed weekly series of conversations that share the incredible work of the world’s most influential leaders and young marginalised girls, including refugee girls worldwide through topics such as wellbeing, building resilience, elevating humanity, leading responsibly into the recovery post-Covid19 and discovering your purpose.

iamtheCODE Podcast Season 4 - Elevating Humanity
Season 4

Elevating Humanity

Our influential guests, including Paul Polman, join Lady Mariéme for conversations around empathy, humanity, compassion, and kindness. Listen to season 4 for inspiration, how showing up and having empathy can help you make a positive impact on the lives of others, whether in a small part of your community or worldwide.

iamtheCODE Podcast Season 3 - Building Inclusion
Season 3

Building Inclusion

We were privileged to have various amazing guests (including Adrian Lovett and Salah Goss) join our CEO, Lady Mariéme Jamme, for season 3 of the podcast. Themes running throughout the series include STEAMD (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Design) education and making a positive difference.

iamtheCODE Podcast Season 2 - Reinventing Yourself
Season 2

Reinventing Yourself

Season 2 of our podcast has a big focus on wellbeing, mental health with topics including gratitude, empathy, and generosity. Our fantastic guests, including Amina Mohammed and Ebony Beckwith, also discussed the importance of always striving to make the world a better place for all for others and learning to start again post Covid19.

iamtheCODE Podcast Season 1 - Resilient Souls Conversations
Season 1

Resilient Souls Conversations

Due to Covid 19, we launched our first ever podcast to stay in touch with young girls from Kakuma Refugee camp. World leaders tune in to hear how their life experiences shaped who they are today by building their resilience and allowing them to grow. Season 1 guests include Yemi Babington-Ashaye and Adrian Monck. This season also includes some incredible podcasts hosted by the inspiring girls from Kakuma Refugee Camp.

The Global Tech Movement iamtheCODE inspirational new podcast features phenomenal entrepreneurs, storytellers, educators, artists, writers, digital leaders and philanthropists. Carefully selected guests are encouraged to motivate the next generation of young people through their unique journeys.

The podcast is also about telling the stories of community leaders, young girls living Kakuma Refugee Camp and other girls exposed to iamtheCODE. They have demonstrated authenticity, courage, resilience and integrity in their leadership and day to day life. The Host Mariéme Jamme gives visibility to their stories while sharing her personal life story to inspire young marginalised girls who otherwise will not have access to these mentors and leaders unique stories. Each series focuses on a different theme relevant during and post-Covid19.

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