iamtheCODE aims to enable 1 million young women and girls coders by 2030

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Phinah Mahoro & Shallon Kobusinge - Coding Domestic Solutions for the Global Community

12 weeks of Blended Learning with iamtheCODE

Our mission is to build a generation of 1 million women and girls coders by 2030. Through technology and digital literacy training, we are tackling the current global STEAMD skills shortage in marginalised communities.

Our Progress

Our journey so far to 1 million women and girls coders



trained and exposed to iamtheCODE



we are working in



and teachers working
within our program



global activities & virtual meetings

Creating opportunities

Our programmes and activities


A public event organised by our experienced team of hackers to decode the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Digital Clubs

Clubs and safe spaces that enable the next generation of digital leaders to learn about STEAMD subjects.

Wellbeing Clubs

Peer to peer community support groups that aim to improve the lives of vulnerable populations.


A series designed to motivate young people through the telling of unique journeys of courage, resiliency and integrity.

Mentor Programmes

Connecting iamtheCODE keepers with global mentors to help them grow through encouragement and support.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs are iamtheCODE’s guiding principle that connects all of our programs and activities.


Providing nutritious food and nutrition information to all iamtheCODE keepers participating in programs.

The Podcast

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get involved in iamthecode

Help us to achieve our goals. There are many ways in which you can get involved…

...as a participant

Be an iamtheCODE Keeper for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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...as an individual

Are you an individual who shares the iamtheCODE goals and would like to help out?

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...as an organisation

Align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to make a positive impact on the world.

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...as a mentor

Change someone’s life by sharing your time, skills, values, and knowledge.

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The iamtheCODE team is working tirelessly so that no girl and young woman is left behind in this revolutionary period.

Let us amplify their voices 🎙 by providing them with the #safeaccess they need, to show their creativity and courage to the world. 🌎

https://t.co/FCCLq5O8WE https://t.co/U17srfbMmd
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The girls 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 at iamtheCODE are committed to taking action on #climatechange, and during the #SDGsHackathon in Salvador Bahia, 💚 they coded effective solutions to accelerate the #2030Agenda.

Visit https://t.co/LtUMjG16nx to know more about the action you can take. ⚡️ https://t.co/AHNC2WMAO7
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June 27th 📅 is #PTSDAwarenessDay. 📖

At iamtheCODE Wellbeing Club, 💚 we promote mental health awareness and provide safe spaces for marginalised communities to express & process their emotions. ☑️


🙏 Donation Link 🔗 Above https://t.co/7LV4ZURNRz
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💥💥🐣Final Episode of #DecodingSDGs🎙️ with Phinah Mahoro & Shallon Kobusinge, young leaders 👯 from Rwanda Coding Academy.

Link 🔗 Below 🦋


We’d like to take this moment and thank you, 🙏 our audience, for being such amazing listeners. ♻️ https://t.co/2Qj4fTe24K
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At iamtheCODE, 🦋 we ensure that the learners 📖 we serve are receiving the knowledge of future skills and personal development in a protected environment where they can explore their possibilities ✏️ without fear of abuse or inequity.

#RefugeeWeek2022 https://t.co/Eox63iWFi4
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Our funding partners


Our associated partners

ACE Charity
Nordic Semiconductor
Tanzania Development Trust
Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa
Nettl of Rochester

making a difference


Our partners make donations to provide internet data, food & computers to meet the girls & boys’ needs. Although this is not mandatory, we kindly ask for your support.