Due to COVID-19, all face-to-face activities have been suspended until further notice.

iamtheCODE aims to enable 1 million young
women and girls coders
by 2030


Our mission is to build a generation of 1 million women and girls coders by 2030. Through technology and digital literacy training, we are tackling the current global STEAMED Skills shortage in marginalised communities.



trained and exposed to iamtheCODE



we are working in



and teachers working
within our program



global activities

Creating opportunities

Our programmes and activities


A public event organised by our experienced team of hackers to decode the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Digital Clubs

Clubs and safe spaces that enable the next generation of digital leaders to learn about STEAMD subjects.

Wellbeing Clubs

Peer to peer community support groups that aim to improve the lives of vulnerable populations.


A series designed to motivate young people through the telling of unique journeys of courage, resiliency and integrity.

Mentor Programmes

Connecting iamtheCODE keepers with global mentors to help them grow through encouragement and support.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs are iamtheCODE’s guiding principle that connects all of our programs and activities.


Providing nutritious food and nutrition information to all iamtheCODE keepers participating in programs.

get involved in iamthecode

Help us to achieve our goals. There are many ways in which you can get involved…

...as a participant

Be an iamtheCODE Keeper for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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...as a individual

Are you an individual who shares the iamtheCODE goals and would like to help out?

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...as an organisation

Align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to make a positive impact on the world.

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...as a mentor

Change someone’s life by sharing your time, skills, values, and knowledge.

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19 hours ago
"🌟Please SAVE THE DATE for our Resilience Award 2020. 🏆
Celebrating and recognising incredible, resilient human beings who have done so much for our charity. 

#iamtheCODE #iamthecodereslienceaward #Resilience #Covid19 #2020  #covid  #pandemic  #strongertogether https://t.co/WJfYkWe69O
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3 days ago
He is coming on the podcast on season 3. The extraordinary father of beautiful girls, husband of Pele, Retired American @NFL Super Bowl Champ @mosesbread72- He spoke to his friend @mjamme on their memorable trip to Senegal 🇸🇳. Fighter of equal justice. #podcast #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/wFdZCQS7ap i_amthecode photo
4 days ago
🌹✨✨Please SAVE THE DATE for the 🌟 @i_amtheCODE Resilience Award🌟. We will be celebrating and recognising incredible human beings who have done so much for our charity. Tune in to learn more. SPEAKERS to be announced #SDGs
Follow #iamthecodereslienceaward #Resilience #Covid19 https://t.co/QnchDYnFcd
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4 days ago
Today is #AfricaIndustrializationDay
Africa Industrialization Day was established to raise awareness of inclusive & sustainable industrialization as one of the conditions for economic growth and eradication of poverty on the African continent. #SDG #iamtheCODE @TheGlobalGoals 🦋 https://t.co/vlmPLAmokW
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6 days ago
#1girl1computer BIG NEWS!⭐️ 🗣️ In collaboration with @Microsoft and @teamKano, we've developed a fast & affordable PC for education. These PC’s are kits utilised to help young refugees learn technical/ Digital skills. Donate here 👉 https://t.co/EgcKuRbuxd #STEM #Tech #SDGs https://t.co/GPzwD7MfPp i_amthecode photo
6 days ago
Thank you for having our CEO @mjamme share her wisdom with your teams. We are grateful. We look forward to an impactful 2021 full of empathy, compassion and kindness 💙- Thank you @KateLechowicz #luminaries #Leadership #Sdgs https://t.co/4B0yxNuwTG

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Our partners make donations to provide internet data, food & computers to meet the girls & boys’ needs. Although this is not mandatory, we kindly ask for your support.