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In Conversation with Priya Shah - When Arts and Technology Collide

Season 3 : Episode 17

Easter Special ✨🐰 – When Arts and Technology collide 🎨

Lady Mariéme’s guest on this week’s podcast is Priya Shah. Priya is an artist and talks to Lady Mariéme about her business Mia Kora (translated as ‘100 gold coins’) and her business’ initiative ‘Frame It or Wear It,’ which consists of Priya printing her artwork onto scarves. Priya was born and brought up in Kenya, and Kenya influences a lot of her work. Her Kenyan roots have also instilled a love of wildlife and conversation into Priya, which is why Mia Kora helps to raise vital funds for conservation charities.

Priya has a strong connection with iamtheCODE. She has previously created a design for her beautiful scarves that features the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a considerable part of the iamtheCODE’s mission. Priya was invited by Lady Marieme to join her to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, where she visited the schools that iamtheCODE works with. Priya passed on her expertise by teaching the girls to express themselves through drawing mandalas. To the girls’ delight, Priya then put their artwork onto scarves.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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