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Four Remarkable Speakers In Conversation with Lady Mariéme - 'Young Women With Purpose Taking A Seat'

Season 5: Episode 4

Four young remarkable women from Nigeria joined Lady Mariéme to co-host this Day of the Girl special episode.

This weekly podcast is about remarkable young women from Nigeria who are on this show to talk about themselves and share their challenges with world leaders.

We learned from their journey and the issues they are facing in their countries. Olumuyiwa Ogunmade is focused on Girl Child Rights, Girls Out of school education, Early Marriage, Representation of Women in politics and access to Economics. Christiana Onoja – talked about workplace discrimination; Technology, Entrepreneurship. Eleanora Boyo- Stigmatization of women with disabilities; sexual and reproduction health for persons with disabilities; fashion for empowerment; societal inclusion. And Angela Muruli, program officer at UN women, representing UN women and supporting the girls.

Our host, Lady Mariéme Jamme, shared her journey with the girls and how she became a coder. She encouraged young women to learn to gain the right skills to find the right jobs.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during the interview are the speaker’s personal opinion.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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