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In Conversation with Aissatou Diajhate - The Power of Discovering Your Purpose

Season 5 Episode 1

Welcome to Season 5. We’re so pleased to start this season with you. Thank you for listening. Lady Mariéme’s guest in this first episode is Aissatou Diajhate, CEO Advisor Mastercard Foundation.

She got to know Aissatou earlier during the pandemic, where she joined one of our calls to understand more about iamtheCODE. Lady Mariéme was genuinely impressed by her understanding of the African continent and what we need to do to make an impact.

Aissatou has led global programs and her life mission is to educate, teach, mentor, and facilitate transformative interventions that lift victims and survivors of social injustice to a position of leadership and agents of change.

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**DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during the interview are Aissatou’s personal opinion.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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