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In Conversation with Lucy Doughty - The Power of Giving with Purpose

Season 5: Episode 11

In this special episode and our first live show, Lady Mariéme sits down with the founder of #ConversationLoves, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Lucy Doughty, to discuss her upbringing, life journey and philanthropic work. In this candid conversation, Lucy shared her own experiences as a child in the Dominic Republic and how it has shaped her to discover her true calling: to help others in need and understand the Human Factor. She explains that being yourself, accepting your struggles, letting go of what is not yours, surrounding yourself with love, kindness, family, and friends can help you have fulfilled life. She loves organising events with friends to have conversations that can uplift, educate and enlighten women. Lucy is a homemaker; she loves flowers, good food and adores her boys. Lady Mariéme fell in love with her authenticity, generosity, grace and kindness.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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