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In Conversation with Rain Newton-Smith - Transforming Lives Through A Shared Purpose

Season 5 Episode 15

New Year’s Eve, Podcast Episode

As we end the year 2021 with over 82 inspiring episodes, our host and producer Lady Mariéme Jamme (@mjamme) welcomes UK Chief Economist Rain Newton-Smith to reflect on how the pandemic impacted livelihoods, businesses and the challenges faced by millions during 2021. Rain and her colleagues have been at the centre of the UK Economy. They made sure the impact of the Covid-19 did not destroy businesses and livelihood and provided business leaders with advice on the UK economic outlook and global risks. They helped to develop the economic policy response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Rain’s commitment has doubled down on the purpose-driven spirit on which she has built her reputation. She believed through a shared purpose; change can happen at the core of every company. Both young global leaders passionately talked about how climate change should be linked to economics. As a Chief Economist at CBI, The Confederation of British Industry, we are proud and honour of her work.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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