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Lady Mariéme Jamme - 'Twelve Life Hack Lessons To Start Your 2022'

Season 5 Episode 16

Welcome to the first iamtheCODE podcast episode of 2022! Lady Mariéme’s Twelve Lifehack Lessons to start your #2022:

Listen to the full episode to dive deeper into the lessons she has learned over the last couple of years. We wish you a Happy New Year at #iamtheCODE and hope you can use these tips to work towards your goals and improve your mindset.

Lady Mariéme’s twelve lifehack lessons to start your #2022:

1. Self Love
2. Never compare yourself with other people
3. Be consistent
4. Fear kills your creativity
5. Pursue a meaningful life
6. Ask for help; People can’t read your mind.
7. Work with people who share your values and visions.
8. Be honest with yourself and people
9. Learn a new skill
10. Improve your communication and strategy
11. Be grateful
12. Maintain and Build Relationships

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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