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Four Key Elements To Discovering Your Purpose with Lady Mariéme

Season 5: Episode 18

Saturday Special💕

In this week’s episode, Lady Mariéme’s shares the lessons she has learnt over the decades and says there are four key elements to #DiscoveringYourPurpose that we should think about as part of our growth. She said we must dare to be visible, but we should have a strategy and a plan before seeking too much and unnecessary visibility. Once we start establishing our credibility and gaining trust from our peers, it is imperative to maintain relationships and be knowledgeable about a topic. A credible person is someone whose actions match their expressed values. The combination of visibility; credibility leads to profitability, meaning people will pay you for your time and services, will refer and recommend you. The last key element is humanity.

Lady Mariéme shares her view on how we can learn to be kinder, empathetic and more compassionate towards each other especially post covid-19. People will make mistakes and fall short, but being honest by telling them what they have done wrong is better than cancelling or ghosting them.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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