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In Conversation with Bhushan Sethi - How To Enable Global Citizens To Find Their Purpose.

Season 5 : Episode 3

In a rare candid conversation with Lady Mariéme Jamme, Bhushan Sethi, a joint global leader on people and organization at PWC, reveals what he believes is the key to build and enable global citizens to find their purpose.

During his interview, he was in New York, where he is determined to support businesses to support their employees. Both co-wrote an article recently on how thinking like global citizens can usher in a fairer world. Bhushan is very focused on the future of work and creating an empathetic, diverse, and inclusive workplace. They also discussed how to balance the productivity and wellness of remote teams.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed during the interview are Bhushan’s personal opinion.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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