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In Conversation with Elizabeth Nyamayaro - Finding Your Purpose Through Humanity

Season 5: Episode 5

Lady Mariéme sits down with award-winning humanitarian and former United Nations senior advisor on gender equality, Elizabeth Nyamayaro.

Born in Zimbabwe, Elizabeth has worked in the global development community, has held leadership roles at the World Bank, the World Health Organisation, and UN Women. She overcame so much as a young girl. Elizabeth has an inspiring story and has written her first book called; “I am a girl from Africa.” Both discussed the power of the collective and humanity. Elizabeth said, “We can’t be it until we see it,” meaning we need more role models. She also mentioned that her story is the story of millions of girls. She also spoke fondly about her grandmother “GoGo,” who is still her spiritual guide and has greatly inspired her on her journey.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed during the interview are Elizabeth’s personal opinion.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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