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In Conversation with Bill Liao - Finding Your Purpose Through Listening

Season 5: Episode 7

Lady Mariéme welcomed Bill Liao, Entrepreneur and founder of We Forest, to the iamtheCODE Podcast. They shared their passion for climate activism, technology and mentorship. The Financial Times has recognised Bill Liao as one of the Top 100 Minority Ethnic Leaders in Technology.

Bill grew up in Melbourne Australia. He was bullied at High School and experienced racism. He then discovered Computing. After many years of self-discovery and teamwork, Bill rebuilt himself as a person with a mission. He understood that Integrity unlocked the code to success. In this episode, Bill tells Lady Mariéme ‘I didn’t find my purpose, I designed it.

Bill is concerned with anyone who doesn’t listen or is anti-science. He wants the world to love science and believe in it. He set up Coder Dojo and three years ago this merged with Raspberry Pi to become the leading coding organisation in the world. He founded We Forest to bring the science of permaculture to reforest areas of the world where Mother Earth needs help to heal. He travelled by land and sea for thirteen years. Bill started flying again after sufficient funds had been pledged to plant 100 million trees. This is a powerful example of Bill’s personal integrity.

Bill now lives in Ireland with his family and is inspired every morning. He is grateful for life and passionate about Climate Activism. In this episode, Bill shares tips to unlock your superpowers and design your purpose. ‘Even more powerful than speaking is asking’. Bill believes that Listening is a Super Power and that Integrity and collaboration are essential. A generous Mentor, Bill has spent time sharing his advice and guidance with many people including women and girls.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed during the interview are Bills’s personal opinion.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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