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In Conversation with Yasmin Waljee - The Power of Justice and Legal Support for Charities

Season 4 : Episode 14

In this week episode of season 4, Lady Mariéme talks to Yasmin Waljee, an international lawyer who has been key to establishing and embedding a pro bono culture within Hogan Lovells. Yasmin has advised on issues relating to compensation for victims of crime and terrorism including the July 7 bombing victims, the right to life, and regularly works on public policy issues in this area. She is the Vice-Chair of Mosaic, the HRH Prince of Wales led an initiative to support young Muslims and their peers growing up in deprived areas whilst breaking down the barriers and suspicions with British Society. Lady Mariéme was impressed by his commitment to justice and humanitarian causes.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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