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In Conversation with Kelly Buchanan - The Power of Collaboration

Season 4 : Episode 6

Host Lady Mariéme showed us the Power of Collaboration in this week episode when we celebrated Africa Day and reflected on the death of George Floyd, who died last year in May.

Lady Mariéme spoke to iamtheCODE Trustee, a young global leader of the World Economic Forum and Senior Vice President at Mastercard, Kelly Buchanan. Kelly discusses her struggles and her path to becoming a woman in tech. Both shared the time they had after their YGL journey from Kakuma Refugee Camp. Kelly also talks about being a mother and working from home and adapting during Covid-19. Lady Marieme highlighted the importance of mentoring and said that “Mentoring for me is a transaction based on empathy, compassion and kindness.”

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during the interview are Kelly’s personal opinion.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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