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In Conversation with Naza Alakija - The Power of Building Yourself Through Adversity.

Season 4 : Episode 8

Lady Mariéme Jamme talks to Iranian born Naza Alakija, who founded the Sage Innovation Centre. Naza is a Humanitarian who supports women and girls and organisation improving the lives of the most marginalised in society. She has supported refugees in Afghanistan and communities in Nigeria and is doing fantastic work around climate change issues. She courageously shared her journey with Lady Mariéme and why her mother is the backbone of her existence, and how is she grateful for it. Her mother supported her and gave her the values she cherishes today. Lady Mariéme was impressed by Naza’s sense of worth and how she learnt to build herself and give back to society using her platform and Agency.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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