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In Conversation with Basetsana Kumalo - The Power of Philanthropy

Season 4 : Episode 11

Welcome to this special iamtheCODE Podcast episode. World-renowned media personality, Miss South Africa 1994, Philanthropist, Businesswoman, author, mother and activist Basetsana Kumalo, joins Lady Mariéme Jamme, host of the iamtheCODE Podcast, to discuss her journey. She discussed how has Covid-19 has affected her businesses and why she feels the need to give back to the world. As young global leaders of the World Economic Forum, both met many years ago, where Lady Mariéme shared her story with a group of leaders.

Lady Mariéme recalls the kindness and empathy Basetsana gave her after her talk. Warm hugs and words of comfort. Basetsana shared how she keeps herself healthy, gracious, and grounded, surrounded by her family and husband. She discusses her book, relationship with late South African President Nelson Mandela, being a leader and learning to give back through philanthropy. Basetsana has recently joined iamtheCODE as a Patron and joined our Board of Advisors. We are sure that her story, grace and humanity will inspire our girls worldwide, especially those who do not have a family or loved ones.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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