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In Conversation with Joseph D'Cruz - Championing Sustainable Development Through Innovation

Season 4: Episode 13

Our Season four continues with fabulous guests.

In this week episode, Lady Mariéme discusses with Joseph DCruz, Special Advisor, Strategic Planning & Innovation at UNDP- The United Nations Development Programme how to champion sustainable development through technology and innovation. Joseph and his team are building a global sustainable development network that taps into the creativity and expertise of solutions-finders worldwide, connected through a worldwide platform for sharing expertise resources and solutions more rapidly and seamlessly than ever. They are focused on solving the world’s most complex problems — ending poverty, ensuring healthy lives and well-being, providing affordable and clean energy, reducing inequalities and so on.

Both met as Global Future Council members of the World Economic Forum, where they helped shape global policy. Lady Mariéme was fascinated by his knowledge of Sustainable Development, Poverty, the environment, and how he is engaging Businesses and the Government to make systematic changes. Enjoy the Podcast.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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