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In Conversation with Elaine Smith-Genser - How to Leave Your Mark On The World

Season 6: Episode 8

How to Leave Your Mark On The World

This Podcast is a tribute to Simon Smiles, a former impact investment pioneer at UBS. He is a young global leader, a father, and a husband who the community of Young Global leaders got to know through his presence, kindness, influence and advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Lady Mariéme invited Elaine Smith-Genser to share a tribute about Simon and tell us about her new family, love and stepmotherhood. Elaine is Brazilian born working for the United Nations Joint Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Both leaders are passionate about advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. They care about the community and express their condolences to Simon’s Family. Simon was a great person that supported iamtheCODE in its infancy. He was genuinely kind and cared about our community. We are very sorry for this passing. LifeHack lesson: This week’s learning is: follow your intuition, your gut feeling. As you grow, you must listen to your body and mind. Take Action; time is critical, and also, if you can, please help others.

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