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In Conversation with Muna AbuSulayman: The Power of Generosity

Season 2 : Episode 5

This week, Queen of reinventions and an iconic Arab media personality. Muna AbuSulayman joins Lady Mariéme Jamme in an empowering and inspirational episode.

The pair discuss a variety of global topics and issues and use their life experiences to advise the iamtheCODE girls around the world.

In 2007, Muna became the first woman from Saudi Arabia to be appointed by the United Nations Development Program as a Goodwill Ambassador. Muna AbuSulayman is named as one of the most influential Arabs, as well as one of the most influential Muslims in the world due to a unique and diverse cross-functional work experience.

Lady Mariéme invited her to share her journey as a leader to inspire young girls growing up in the world’s most challenging places.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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