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Resilient Souls Conversations | E1: Transform Your Life Through Resilience

Season 1 : Episode 1

To uplift our spirits during this pandemic period, Lady Mariéme Jamme and Miwaza Jemimah discuss how to transform your life through resilience.

Lady Mariéme explores the powerful truth of resilience, wellbeing and shares some of the resources she learnt during her life to help you stay focused and resilient.

Her guest Miwaza started her company when she was 13 years old, never been to school, through passion, resilience and determination, she managed to create her business and is now working for the world-leading companies in the world.

They travelled to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, home of over 190,000+ refugees to feature young refugee girls that she calls her partners. Miwaza captured their stories with authenticity, empathy and compassion.

Find out how they both transformed through resilience. Jamme also encourages girls to get visibility and find connections to help them in their businesses.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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