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In Conversation with Madga Wood - Digital Education and the Technology within (Girls ICT Day week Special)

Season 6: Episode 11

Lady Mariéme welcomed Madga Wood, Chief Learning Officer of the Microbit Foundation, to celebrate our upcoming 100th episode. We have had six seasons, from how can coding collides with mental health to discovering your purpose. Truly grateful to have you all listening. We had extraordinary guests who shared so much with us.

The Microbit Foundation has made a donation to iamtheCODE and we are grateful that the girls can continue coding.
Magda is excited to be working with teachers and students to make creative, quality educational materials that people like and use.
She shared that her background is in anthropology. Both discussed their experience in digital education product and content design and development, creating award-winning tools and materials for teaching and learning. Content is King, and thank you so much for donating micro: bits to iamtheCODE Girls.

Currently, Lady Mariéme is in Kakuma to meet the girls after nearly 2 years. She will be showing our new digital platform to the girls.

Enjoy the conversation.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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