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In Conversation with Rachel Brown Finnis & students from Childwall Valley School - Enabling Girls through the Power of Sport

Season 6: Episode 14

Happy Friday! – In this week’s episode, Lady Mariéme invited her co-hosts, students from Childwall Valley Primary School, Liverpool, to welcome former England Goalkeeper and Team GB2012 for the 2012 London Olympics, Rachel Brown Finnis. She is now a media pundit for BBC/BT Sport. Rachel’s journey as a sportswoman started at the age of 8, and she is humbled by how far women’s football has come since then – even if there are still many barriers ahead. In this episode, Rachel and our young leaders discuss the critical role of sports in advancing sustainability and mental health globally. She has been an inspiration to everyone, and her invaluable expertise in being a sportswoman is something we can all learn from. Congratulations to all the girls.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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