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In Conversation with Phinah Mahoro & Shallon Kobusinge - Coding Domestic Solutions for the Global Community

Season 6: Episode 20

Happy Monday. Welcome to the final episode of Season 6, Decoding the Sustainable Development Goals. We are grateful to all the listeners for taking in the wisdom shared by our profound guests this season. Our guests for this episode are students from the Rwanda Coding Academy. With the kindness of our host, Lady Mariéme, Phinah & Shallon felt lucky to have been featured live from the Davos Forum. In this episode, the girls share insights on their passion for digital skills as coding fosters their creativity and helps them express ideas. The skills also equip them to design global solutions to sustainability issues. They also agreed that coding benefits all areas of society as it helps you think critically and take action effectively. This has led to the Rwandan Government using some welfare projects coded by the students of RCA. At last, the amazing girls voiced a message for the world leaders: Invest in technology-led education for the entire youth community.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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