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Young Women of Brazil on Being a Force of Good

Season 7 Episode 1

Welcome to Season 7 of #iamtheCODEPodcast. Lady Mariéme Jamme @mjamme the host is honoured to share the latest news about our work in building and creating opportunities for resilient souls. We recently travelled to Salvador Bahia, Brazil, and Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya, to meet our beneficiaries. And despite coming from some of the most disadvantaged backgrounds, they are incredibly determined to create a better life for themselves. We are so proud of all they have accomplished, and we know that with your continued support, they will go on to achieve even more. Each time you support iamtheCODE, you elevate marginalised young women and girls globally. Season 7 is all about “Do-Gooders.” This year Lady Mariéme was honoured to be nominated as a Do-Good Fellow in Sweden at the Do-Good summit.“I thought many people were doing good in this world, but perhaps we don’t hear from them often.” ~ Lady Mariéme Jamme

Do-gooders are changing the lives of millions, inventing vaccines, creating jobs, building movements, fostering gender equality, and transforming local communities. To kick off this Season 7, two amazing young women from Salvador Bahia in Brazil, Marília and Camily; Lady Mariéme, met them during the iamtheCODE #SDGsHackathon in Brazil and the girls were part of the Winning Team. They are Do-Gooders participating, building solutions, and leading by example. We hope our conversation with them truly inspires you. If you have not seen our E-learning tools and resources, please go to the website and enrol now.

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