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Diary Of A Do-Gooder - Our Mental Wellbeing is Our Asset

Season 7: Episode 2

In episode 2, Lady Mariéme @mjamme sits down with her DoGood Fellow, Dr Raghu Appasani, an integrative psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and social entrepreneur who focuses on bridging the gap between western and eastern mental health practices. As the Founder & CEO of the Minds Foundation, Dr Raghu is taking an innovative and proactive approach to increasing access to mental healthcare through their virtual therapy clinic and MH4ALL 24×7 helpline in India.

Listen to this powerful and inspiring conversation about being present with yourself and your loved ones. Also, how to conserve energy without sacrificing your wellbeing, and building inclusive communities where marginalised women and girls can have a safe space to express themselves without encountering taboos around mental health.

Fun Fact: Dr Appasani and Lady Mariéme got nominated by the Do Good Fellow Summit Sweden in 2022. Both value the impactful work they do for the lives of marginalised individuals and communities. The Do Good Summit is chaired by Karl-Johan Persson, Chairman of H&M and Founder of the Good Fellows. As a philanthropist, Karl-Johan has the vision to do good globally by supporting diverse and innovative organisations.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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