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'The Power of belonging with integrity is better.' - Diana Verde Nieto

Season 7: Episode 6

Welcome back to the iamtheCODE Podcast.

We are returning from Kakuma Refugee Camp, where we celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child this month. We met the girls and witnessed them learning how to CODE. It was truly unbelievable to see them coding with their tablets donated by our partner Skillsoft. It was an honour to see how much they progressed as human beings and love coding. They also loved talking about self-esteem and how to be free.

In this thought-provoking and stirring episode, our Host and CEO invited her young global leader, fellow and dear friend Argentinian-born Diana Verde Nieto, the Co-Founder of Positive Luxury. Since 2011 Positive Luxury has been accelerating organisations’ adaptation to the new climate economy. Dania is a pioneer, and her mission is to shape a sustainable future for luxury by redefining the business model and rebuilding consumer trust. She is very keen on the ESGs (environmental, social, and governance (ESG)) and thinks that corporate policies must lead to impact and accountability.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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