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Diary Of A Do-Gooder - Creating Your Own Space While Doing Good with the Kakuma Girls

Season 7: Episode 7

In this week’s episode, we invited some of the Kakuma Refugee Girls in Kenya.

They are growing up and have a message for the world. They want opportunities to learn from each other, learn how to code and get jobs. We are very proud of the Kakuma Girls. We have learnt immensely and hope to continue collaborating with them. They require more food, laptops, and tablets. The Girls have dreams and want the world to pay attention to their needs. I hope you enjoyed the conversation with the girls; it was heartwarming and sweet.

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Be a force for Good. Doing Good Decreases Stress, makes you feel good, Promotes Mental Health and leads to happiness.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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