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Young Women Engage on the SDGs for International Women's Day (Tormead School)

Season 6: Episode 5

Happy Friday, and thank you so much for your support, love, commitment and kindness. In this week’s episode, Lady Mariéme welcomes young women from Tormead School, a private all-girls in Guildford, as her co-hosts. We launched the iamtheCODE Tormead Podcast, where girls will decode the UN Sustainable Development Goals and share their experiences with other girls in the world including the Kakuma Refugee Girls in Kenya.

In this historic week, girls used their voices to break the bias and talk about “gender equality today for a sustainable world” for the first time in history.

Lady Mariéme Jamme is working with young students worldwide to help them be part of the iamtheCODE Learning Programme and Podcast. We are coming together under the theme “Gender Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” and call for climate action for women. She spoke to the girls and help them set up the podcast. She feels the girls are well guided and down to earth and must share their ideas. They are the leaders of tomorrow.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed during this interview are the guests personal opinion.

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