IamtheCODE – An Inspiring global Initiative is coming to Surrey!

Growing up in Senegal in West Africa and not having the chance to attend school as a child nor have the opportunity of a formative education, Mariéme Jamme has first-hand experience of gender and economic inequality.

In Africa, young girls growing up in slums or the worst parts of the continent are often forgotten and have zero chance to find a sense of creative direction. In fact over 65 million girls are denied access to basic education.

Mariéme believes that a new bold vision on girl’s education is imperative in order to create the next digital leaders and has started a global movement which, through technology and digital literacy training, tackles the current global STEM Skills shortage, particularly in marginalised communities.

“The evidence shows that if we do not break down barriers and help move girls in the technology industry forward through inclusion, we will be creating layers of citizenship and a digital divide in our society,” says Mariéme.

IamtheCODE is the first African-led a global movement to mobilise government, private sector, and investors to support young women in STEAMED (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship, and Design) Education by learning how to code. By 2030, it aims to have enabled one million women and girl coders.

And now iamtheCODE is coming to Surrey.

Digital Computer Kits for schools and communities

Having lived in Surrey for the past 25 years, Mariéme wants to give something back to the community she has come to call home. Over the next few months IamtheCODE will be visiting schools across the county, providing future technologies related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education such as coding, robotics, electronics as well as full training for teachers and pupils.

iamtheCODE is looking for volunteers to help with the roll out (full training will be provided). If you’re interested in helping, email: londonteam@iamthecode.org

Mariéme is also available to talk in school assemblies about how IamtheCODE is empowering young women within the world of technology across the glove. Named on the Powerlist2017 of Britain’s 100 most influential people of African and African Caribbean Heritage, Mariéme has supported many organizations, such as Google, Microsoft, UN Women, The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown, The Obama Administration, and multiple African governments. If you want to see her visit your child’s school, contact: londonteam@iamthecode.org