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CK- 12 Art Resources

CK-12 is a free online platform to learn at your own pace on a variety of subjects and topics. Look through art specific courses to learn more about the topic and take quizzes to test your knowledge. You can watch the video below to see how you can access the content.

Explore CK-12 Photography Resources 

There are a lot of courses you can take so pick one that interests you!

Explore CK-12 Photography Resources 

If you want to save your progress you will need to create a free account. To do this, you will need an email address. Once you have an account you can save your progress. You can also choose to access the content without an account for free.


Let iamtheCODE know how you are doing in your CK-12 Art course. Fill out the Art Assessment Form while you are taking the course or when you finish to let us know what you learned.


You can also share what you are learning by tagging iamtheCODE on social media using  #SDG4