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Cooking with Math

Do you like to cook? Or maybe do you like to bake? What did you have to do to get that delicious thing you ate? In order for us to enjoy delicious food every day we have to make it! Although some of us may be great cooks who can prepare a meal just by look, smell, and taste many of us follow recipes to get the perfect mix or try out new ideas. Recipes also allow us to share with others what we created and pass down cooking traditions in our families. They can also just help us understand how much of an ingredient you will need when you are at the store.


Watch the video below to learn about how you can use math when you cook. While you watch the video, think of how you prepare a meal or maybe a family member prepares a meal? Maybe you do not use the measuring devices like a tablespoon, but maybe use use a cup or your hand. All of these ways are great ways to measure and compare.




Let’s try it out! 

Is there a recipe or food you love to cook? What are the ingredients and how much do you need of each? In your notebook, write down the recipe. Once you have it written down try sharing it with a friend or a family member to see if they can replicate it! You can be the expert opinion to see if they got it right.


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