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Fashion For A Lifetime

From National Geographic, “Tim Hamilton isn’t after hearts or minds—his battle with throwaway culture is in the studio, where he leads The North Face’s design team in creating clothing to last a lifetime.”


When people think of fashion they do not always think of sustainability and the environment. Many times thoughts of quick fashion and landfills of garments come into mind. However, designers are realizing the impacts fashion is having on the world and looking to try a different approach. Enter Tim Hamilton, head of global design at The North Face.


“The garment industry needs to take a stand,” says Hamilton. We are one of the biggest polluters in the world. We have to come together collectively to solve these problems.”


Visit National Geographic’s website and watch the video, “Solving the Earth’s problems through design.” While you watch the video try answering these questions in your notebook:


  1. What does Tim Hamilton do at The North Face?
  2. What does Tim Hamilton think about when he designs?
  3. What are ways the fashion industry can be more sustainable?


When you finish the video you can share your answers in the form. Share what you learned!


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