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Building Community

A community begins to develop when a number of individuals decide to start working together towards a common purpose. For a community to work well, the members must share the common purpose and work together to maintain it. Successful communities take commitment to build and they will fall apart if neglected. Although communities are built on collective intention, they must also take into account individual self-interest. If the individual has nothing to gain from being part of a community, they are unlikely to work towards the collective goal.

Being part of a community gives the members a bond of identity and a sense of true belonging which contributes to an overall sense of wellbeing. Being connected to other members of your community gives you a feeling of togetherness. Creating relationships, personal interactions, and links among the community members each with personal or professional reasons to connect may even result in lifelong friendships.

Let’s reflect

Do you consider yourself to be part of a community? You may not think so but you are probably part of several without even realizing it! If you are at school, that is a community. The school community has a purpose and all the students and teachers are working towards the same goal, to teach and to learn. You share a common purpose and that makes you a community.

What other types of community are you part of? Maybe a sports team or a charity organization. Think about your different communities, what their shared purpose is and what you as an individual gain from being part of the community.


Try it out!

Think of a community you are part of and draw a picture of it. In the picture, draw how the community makes you feel when you are part of it. You can also draw what people say and do in the community that makes you feel like you want to be part of it.


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