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By getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating healthily, we can help build a healthy mind but keeping your mind active is also important to your overall wellbeing. If you invest even a small amount of time into learning new skills, focusing on the positive aspects of your day or maybe just taking time out to listen to a podcast you can really help to develop a healthy mind.

There are lots of ways you can keep your mind active and everyone will have their own unique way to take care of their mind. 

Be Creative

Doing something creative can help boost our self-esteem, help us feel less stressed, learn something new, and express ourselves. 

You could try:

  • Drawing, painting, photography or creative writing
  • Singing or playing an instrument
  • Dance or drama
  • Making something out of old materials
  • … anything using your imagination and skill

Learn something

Learning new things can be a great way of improving your confidence and giving you a sense of achievement. 

You could try:

  • Cooking or baking something new
  • Your own DIY project
  • Going to a local library, museum or gallery
  • A new sport or language


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This content was adapted from information from Mind.org