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Planet Overview

Care – Keeping our blue planet in tip-top shape is the best recipe for world well-being. Learn how to work towards small positive changes that can make a difference for the planet.

You have probably heard a lot in the news recently about climate change. Does it all sound scary and out of control? The good news is, that if everyone does whatever they can to make positive changes in their community that help towards sustainability, the whole world will benefit. Picking up litter locally and encouraging others to do the same can make your local environment much nicer for everyone to live in but can also help keep waterways free from pollution. If every one of us picked up litter and encouraged others to do the same, imagine how much nicer the environment around us would be.

If you have local recycling programs, try encouraging others to use them to minimize waste. Maybe you could think about recycling or upcycling items that you no longer need. Do you have a t-shirt that is a bit old or worn out? Instead of throwing it away, perhaps you could use it to make something new. Try tearing it into strips and braiding them to make friendship bracelets or go for a bigger project and weave them into a rug or floor mat.

Try not to use single use products wherever possible, particularly single use plastics. Use a reusable cloth bag when you go to the shop, carry a reusable water bottle for your drinks and encourage others to do the same.

All these small changes contribute to a much bigger impact on our environment and our blue planet so let’s work together to make a change.

Try it out

What is something you want to do that will show the planet you care? Think of something you want to do, write it down, and share it with a family or friend. Letting someone know what you plan to do can keep you working towards that goal!

What will you do to show the planet you care? Share your plan with iamtheCODE on social media and use the hashtag #wellbeing