Spirit | Wellbeing

Spirit Overview

Did you know that giving to others does amazing things like reducing your blood pressure and improving your sleep? Practicing random acts of kindness, volunteering time, or simply saying ‘thank-you’ all work wonders for your well-being.

We all know it is nice to receive a compliment from someone else, but did you know that your wellbeing can benefit just as much from offering someone else a compliment. By sharing your positivity with others and appreciating something that they have done for you, or your community will not only make them feel acknowledged but will make you feel good too.

Try smiling too. It may sound crazy but research shows that smiling helps reduce the body’s response to stress and lower heart rate in tense situations. Smiling is contagious and it is also internationally recognized!! Have you ever noticed when you smile, other people tend to smile back? Even if you don’t speak the same language as someone, a smile is universal so use it to spread some good vibes.

Try it out! 

There are ways we can work to building and growing our spirit every day. Try keeping a journal of positive thoughts or actions that you have shared with others.

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