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Stories are the cornerstone of the human experience. They allow us to share ourselves, our emotions, and our experiences with others. Stories connect us to others, help us break barriers, and share our experiences. We as people have told stories for years and will continue to through time. 

Every one of us has a story. Every one of us has a story to tell. 

Sometimes we may feel like we don’t have a story, that we are not special. Everyone has lived, been born to this world and experienced things. So that means you have a story, one that deserves to be heard and told. 

We want to be the authors of our own stories. Sometimes in life, others will try to tell our stories and maybe things will not be told truthfully. 

You should always feel empowered to tell others your story. Tell them your experiences and who you are. 

So how can we tell our stories? What can we do to practice?

Learn to speak well and write it down! 

Today, take some time and write your own personal story in a notebook. Maybe it is a story of a difficult experience you overcame. Maybe it is a story of you being happy for accomplishing a goal. Whatever the story, write it down. 

Once you have written it down, try telling the story to someone you trust and feel comfortable talking to. 

Sharing our stories can be scary, but remember we all have a story to tell and sometimes sharing our stories can help inform others of realities they may not know about. Being visible can change lives. 

Need more guidance? 

Want to listen to how other people tell their stories? You can listen to iamtheCODE’s podcast “Resilient Souls” to hear stories of inspirational people from all over the world share their experiences. Maybe it can help you tell your own story. 

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