What is wellbeing?

Simply put, wellbeing is about ‘how we are doing’ as individuals and communities and how sustainable it is for the future. If we think about the resources we have and the challenges we face everyday, wellbeing is about finding the balance point to help us cope with our daily lives. We all have different challenges to face, physically, mentally and socially and we can maintain good wellbeing as long as we have the resources to face these challenges.

The iamtheCODE Wellbeing Club can help you to face your own individual challenges by providing you with an understanding of how to look after your mental, physical and social health. By working on the six modules of wellbeing: body, mind, spirit, people, places and planet and understanding how they are all linked together, we can build good wellbeing habits that keep us, our communities and environments healthy.

It is important to work on your overall wellbeing as over-investing in one area can leave you lacking in another. For example, you may play lots of sports which help you keep physically fit and healthy so your physical resources meet your physical challenges. However, this may mean you have little time to spend with your friends and family so your social resources do not meet your challenges which can leave you feeling lonely or detached. You may feel it is important to look after your environment, so you help with a local recycling project. If this means that you don’t spend enough time on your schoolwork, you could fall behind, and this will add to your stress levels. Here your social challenges are being met but your mental or psychological resources are low so you will be out of balance. Keeping the balance across all six modules is the key to individual wellbeing.

Of course, everyone’s balance point is somewhere different so there is no single recipe for wellbeing success. Knitting may be your favorite way to relax and look after your mental health but for someone else, it may be really challenging and frustrating. Your best friend may run every day to help them to relax so they are already being active and helping their mental health. You may work in a shop and do a lot of lifting which is helping you stay active but you like to read to relax. You both meet together once a week to chat so this is something you share. You are each meeting your wellbeing needs differently and that’s OK.

Use this page to learn more about the six modules that make up the wellbeing club and begin to learn more by taking some of the lessons that interest you.

Be sure to investigate all six modules and explore all the ways you can make sure you get your wellbeing balance right. If you would like to see more lessons added, let us know how you like to look after your wellbeing and maybe we can share it with the other iamtheCODE Keepers.