Hackathons in Action: ConTECH

In 2018 we, the ConTECH Team, attended a Hackathon led by iamtheCODE in Kingston. There we learned coding languages and how to turn an idea to reality with design thinking. At the Hackathon we decided to design  an environmentally beneficial project. We saw that a lot of children in poorer countries did not get an education and wanted to change this. We thought of a cheaper alternative to building schools by turning shipping containers into classrooms so more children can get an opportunity to learn. Our inspiration came as we were thinking of a way to address the following Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education (4), Gender Equality (5), Clean Water and Sanitation (6), Affordable and Clean Energy(7), Climate Action(13), Life Below Water (14), Partnerships for the Goals (17).

After the Hackathon we participated in iamtheCODE’s 12 week Digital Code Clubs to learn how to improve our design and gain more skills. We learned coding languages such as html and worked hard on progressing the idea anyway we could.  Our project design was improved with the help of iamtheCODE’s Marieme and our mentor Tom. 

The Hackathon and Digital Code Clubs helped us develop our idea hugely as they allowed us to have a place to work , people to work with, and help along the way to give us support.  We met people with experience in the field we went into .This was very important to us as it gave us more opportunities and experiences.