You have a problem and you thought of a creative way to solve it with an innovative idea. Now you need to test it with the community you were trying to help. A product is never finished, we always need to test it with the people we are trying to help to make sure it addresses all their needs. 


You can go about testing in a variety of ways. It may be you actually make a physical version of your solution and let the community you want to help test it out. For a game you may have kids actually play the game to see if they find any bugs or glitches. If you are running a program for parents you may run a trial version with a few participants to see what they think. 


TEST: Try out high-resolution products and use observations and feedback to refine prototypes, and learn.


While you test your solution it is important to make observations and take notes on how your solution addresses the problem. You may find out you need to refine your prototype to make it better. You may realize your idea doesn’t address the problem at all. That is fine! You learn a lot from the things you get wrong. You can use what you have learnt from this test to change your design. This is Design Thinking in action.


Now it’s your turn: 

Think of how you will test your prototype. Write down some ideas in your notebook on how you would observe how the community would use your idea.