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3D Printing the Food of Tomorrow

What will the future of food look like? A robot who will bring you a meal at a set time? What about food printed from your computer? That future may be close with the help of 3D printers!

What is 3D Printing? It can refer to a few different process but the main idea is that a 3D object is created by joining or solidifying materials (plastic, liquids, even wood) under computer control layer by layer. 3D printers can make simple things like ear rings to more complex structures like a house! The cool part, if you have a computer, the software, and the 3D printer in the future you may be able to print anything you want, even food.

Watch the video from Mashable about 3D Printing Food. While you watch the video try answering these questions in your notebook:


  1. How does a 3D printer make food?
  2. What are the ingredients used to make 3D printed food?
  3. What type of food would you want to make with a 3D printer?

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