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Getting Started on Scratch (Part 2)

We know what Scratch is, we can use the blocks, now let’s make something fun. A game! Below is a video tutorial to show you how to make a click-based game. Although this is simple it will help you build your foundation for computer science topics and we will use this game as a starting point for more complex ones!

Check it out: To get started, watch the tutorial video below to understand how you can use variables to make an interactive click-based game in Scratch.



Try it out: Go to Scratch and try creating your own click-based game with variables. Can you make your game with more than one sprite?



Challenge Yourself: What happens if the timer gets to a specific time? Can you program your game to end?


Share Your Work: Let us know how you are doing. Share your Scratch project with iamtheCODE by tagging us on social media using the hashtag # VirtualCodeClubs