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What Are Computers

Have you ever wondered how a computer works? Maybe how your phone sends a message to someone else? Or maybe you just want to know how Instagram or Facebook works.

Computers are everywhere, but they aren’t made of magic. All the devices we use are made of parts that all perform a specific task to help make our lives easier. Today, you will learn more about what parts make up a computer and then do a little exploring to learn more about what makes them tick.


Draw it out: What do you think the inside of your computer looks like? It could be a laptop, a smartphone, or any other type of computer. In a notebook draw what parts you think make up your computer. Keep your drawing and look back on it as you learn more about computers!



Check it out: We have an overview of how a computer works, but what makes a computer a computer? Watch the video below from to explore the history of computers and the features they all share.  While you watch the video think of the computer you drew, does it have the same components?



Reflect on Your Own: Look around your space, are there other computers that you use every day? Do these computers have different parts or similar ones? Write down your thoughts in your notebook. 



Design it Yourself: If you had to make a new part for your computer or phone, what would it be? Maye a new camera? Maybe a new sensor? Why would your computer or phone need it? On a piece of paper, draw the new part and explain how it might work!



Share Your Work: Let us know how you are doing. Share your drawing with iamtheCODE by tagging us on social media using the hashtag # VirtualCodeClubs or email us at