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Pixel Hack

Have you ever wondered how a screen works? How are we able to see beautiful images, even paintings displayed on a digital screen? This is all possible due to the thousands of tiny pixels built on our screens, from TVs to our phones.

What are pixels? 

Pixels, short for picture element, are tiny squares that number in the millions on your screen. These pixels are laid out as a grid, and when you look at anything on your screen your computer tells each pixel to display a very specific color. All these small pixels with each specific color makes the images we see on our screens!

In the picture above we can see a picture and how it is broken down into pixels. Each square displays an individual color. We can see from the zoom-in that each small pixel makes the larger picture we see. 

Check it out:

Want to learn more about pixels? Check out this video “What are Pixels and how do they work?” to learn a little more about pixels and how they work.



Pixel Art 

Pixel art was a popular form of making digital art when computers were first being developed. Due to the amount of memory on a computer and the processors of the time, computers could not create complex images like we have now. That is why when you look at digital art you see how it is pixilated. Now, pixel art is making a comeback and artists are creating unique art pieces using pixels!

You can create your own pixel art using Make Art and the Pixel Hack challenges online.

In Pixel Hack you can complete retro challenges to create your own pixel art and share it with others via Kano World. As you complete each challenge, remember to make each piece of art your own. You can modify 1 or two pieces of the code to make it something unique to you and your style!

Try it out: Explore, Code, and Remix the different challenges under Pixel Hack. Remember, before you move on to new challenges try to modify the code to make it something uniquely you! Share your work on Kano World and see what other creators are making with Pixel Hack.



Challenge Yourself: Create an original piece of art inspired by Pixel Hack. You can first draw the picture and then code it on your own.



Share Your Work: Let us know how you are doing. Share a picture of your digital artwork with iamtheCODE by emailing us at or tagging us on social media using the hashtag # VirtualCodeClubs