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Program a Role Playing Game in Python

Want to program a game where a character must explore a place to discover treasure and avoid monsters? Then why not program a role playing game! A role playing game or an RPG is a game where the player controls the actions of a character in a digital world. Usually they are based around a narrative where the player gets to explore the story that the programmer creates.


We can code our own using a popular programming language called Python. For this activity we will go to the Raspberry Pi project page to follow step-by-step instructions to create our own game and make it uniquely ours. 

To follow the tutorial click here


Let iamtheCODE know how you are creating with Python. Fill out the Technology Assessment Form while you are taking the course or when you finish to let us know what you learned. 


Share what you made by creating a video and tagging iamtheCODE on social media using the hashtag # SDG4