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The Science of Spiciness 🔥

Why do people eat spicy things? Is it just for taste or is there another reason for it? Should humans even eat spicy things?

Watch the TED-Ed video below and hear from Rose Eveleth, who will let you learn about the science and history behind spicy foods. While you watch the video try answering these questions in your notebook:


  1. Using what you’ve learned about how spice works, what do you think is the best way to cool your mouth off after eating something spicy?
  2. Would you eat the world’s hottest pepper? Why or why not?

When you finish the video you can share your answers in the form below or share a video response with the team by tagging iamtheCODE on social media using the hashtag #SDG4.


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You can also share what you are learning by tagging iamtheCODE on social media using the hashtag # SDG4