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What is Code?

We know what computers all have 4 things in common: input, storage, processing, and output. We also know that computers have both hardware and software. A way to remember the difference with think of hardware as a physical device. Something you can touch and put in your hands. Software you can’t do the same thing. It lives inside your computer or in another device.

Now we’re going to talk more about code and programming languages. 

A programing language is the language of computers. It is where we write in almost human language steps for a computer to follow to do something very specific.

To put it in simple words- programming is giving a computer a set of instructions to perform a certain task. For example, when you google search something on the internet, when you type something in the search box- this is performing a certain task by following your instructions.

There are a ton of languages out there! From block-based code to text-based code. You can start your coding journey with any of these. Below are some of the most popular languages being used globally now.

  • JavaScript: Used in a variety of ways including making web pages interactive
  • Java: Used often with big data
  • Python: Used often with machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Swift: Used for Apple operating systems
  • C++: Used to develop operating systems, browsers, games, and more
  • PHP: Used to manage dynamic content, databases, session tracking, and build e-commerce sites.
  • Ruby:  Used for creating web applications
  • Elixir: Used for building scalable and maintainable web applications
  • Scala: Used for creating general software applications
  • R: Used for statistical computing


Check it out: Watch the video below from Khan Academy to learn more about what programming is. Remember, code is everywhere and we use it every day! While you watch the video think of other things you use that may be made from code.



Review on Your Own: To get started, we will program using a few different platforms. From text-based code in Make Art to block-based code in Scratch. We will go more in-depth over each platform, but check them out on your own to see what they are!


Scratch                          Make Art 


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