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Welcome to the Global Tech Movement iamtheCODE inspirational podcasts featuring and co-hosted for the first time in History by Kakuma Refugee Camp Girls.

The day to day life of a refugee girl is challenging, but our girls are resilient and their voices are beyond powerful.

We’re pleased to launch the first-ever iamtheCODE podcast so the world can see and hear them. Their voices matters. Thank you UNHCR for working with us to launch the first-ever podcast with young girls.

Listen to the girls share their journey with iamtheCODE.

Episode 5 – May 30th 2020

Listen to a conversation hosted by Marieme Jamme, featuring Rachel Nishimura, one the iamtheCODE volunteer in Brazil. She was born and raised in Sao Paulo; she began working at the age of 11 years old.

Her grandfather came to Brazil from Japan in the second immigration ship, and her mother is the daughter of Brazilian native Indian. She also has Portuguese blood from her father who immigrated in Brazil.

We dedicated this podcast to all ll our incredible volunteers. The Custodian of local Wisdom. We have them all over the world. Thank you for supporting us.

Episode 4 – May 16th 2020

“A heartwarming conversation between Mariéme Jamme and James Chau. Two Young Global Leaders from the World Economic Forum sharing love and the power of generosity. They have seen themselves in each other.

Mariéme shared how she felt about James kindness and generosity when they met for the first time. They discuss the Power of Generosity, his upbringing and their passion for justice for the voiceless. Chau is a renowned and well respected Media personality who is the Host of The China Current and the World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador. He granted iamtheCODE the honour to discuss his childhood, why the world needs more kind, resilient, compassionate and generous souls.

He interviewed global leaders from all walk of life, such as Late Winnie Mandela, Paul Kagame, Robert Mugabe, Elton John and Annie Lennox, notable for raising money and awareness for HIV/ AIDS. as it affects women and children in Africa.

Find out how the two found friendship through generosity, respect and love.”

Episode 3 – May 2nd 2020

Episode 2 – April 24th 2020

During the COVID 19 period – Award-Winning Senegalese technologist, climate activist and founder of iamthecode introduced the second episode of the iamtheCODE Podcast featuring the amazing Kakuma Refugee Girls.

The Kakuma Refugee girls share their stories and their dreams in the episode, they mention that “Being a refugee is not written on their back”.

The girls are refugees from South Sudan and Kinshasa. They have had it very tough, however, they never cease to show resilience and optimism. This podcast is a great way to uplift your emotions during this Coronavirus lockdown.

Kakuma camp and Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement had a population of 196,050 registered refugees and asylum-seekers at the end of March 2020. This is a group of extraordinary girls.

Episode 1 – April 16th 2020

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